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     I have been flourishing as a private enterpreneur since 1990. By continuousing expansion and development I try to do my best for sufficing the needs of the market. With gradual expansion I realised that nowadays I can attend my procurers with up to date, reliable motor vehicles and educated truck drivers. I recommend my enterprise, which is operating with 17 persons and 14 motor vehicles at the moment, for those, who are locking for exigent partners for furnishing their shipping issues.

     With effective organized work and high quality services our most important aim is to win the complacence of our partnerts. For realizing that we endeavor to come to know and to understand the expectations and needs of our present and upside partners and make efforts to achieve the assumed obligation. In our activity the adherence of legislative provision, the safety of affected people and the protection of the environment are determinating factors.

                                                                           Yours sincerely:    Horváth Tibor
                                                                                                     private entrepreneur